Manual is very user friendly and these short instructions will cover all the details and possibilities of this application.
We start learning letters by clicking the key . Then an image appears and the matching word, which misses the first letter at level one, and some middle or last letter at level two. Four letters offered as options for the missing letter are colored red. Letter options are chosen randomly, so the number of combinations is almost indefinite. Child opts for the response by clicking one letter. If that is the missing letter, child is shown the image implying that the response is correct. After a few seconds, the next word and image are shown automatically. If the answer is incorrect, the word remains on the screen until the correct letter is found.
Status bar is located at the bottom of the screen. It enables parents to monitor child’s progress, and to adjust some application parameters.

The box 'Level' indicates the currently active level. N1 means that child is to fill out the first letter, and N2 means that the required letter is in the middle or at the end of the given word. Level is chosen by clicking on it.
Next box indicates whether upper or lower case letters are currently shown, and by clicking this box the type can be changed.

The box 'Accomplishment' shows the percentage of correct responses in the current session. Color of this field changes depending on percentage.

Next fields include the numbers of correct and incorrect responses, so that you can see how many words were solved correctly

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