Website is designed for children of preschool and early school age. It helps children learn all the letters in an easy and interesting way, as well as to read and write.

Slovarica was designed by a mom and a dad who wanted their children to learn the alphabet in an entertaining, modern and simple way, making computer usage useful and educational. They themselves were surprised when one five-year old charming lassie successfully started reading with great enthusiasm in only a few days, and another little three and a half year old piggy started recognizing and writing all the letters. That’s why they decided to share Slovarica with other children and parents.

Starting with the easiest tasks, where based on picture they are to opt for the first letter of the given word (for example A for Airplane), children – if the task is solved correctly – automatically go to the next more difficult level, where they are asked to fill out the letters in the middle or at the end of the given words. Words are shown randomly, so child is given new words at every new access. Furthermore, each successfully solved task brings little reward in the form of the child's favorite picture. is adjusted to all the currently available browsers, and it can also be used on smart phones and tablet computers like Apple’s iPhone and iPad and all Android devices.

Slovarica is not a completed project. It will „grow“ with our children and their interests and educational needs. Of course, all suggestions of other children and parents are welcome and desired.

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